Live in a World of ANDs not ORs Snack Sampler

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We live in a world of AND's not OR's... taste them all! 

Cheesy Cauliflower Popcorn Florets are basically, air. Delightfully addicting with just six ingredients, these guys provide health benefits that you don't get from traditional popcorn. No corn, just cauliflower florets! 

GuacPOP Cauliflower Florets, the crunch of a chip married to the (good!) fattiness and zest of guacamole, all in one bite. It’s your one-stop-shop for entertaining yourself, your friends, and your taste buds. Let the party in your mouth, in your home, in your belly begin! 

Matcha Latte Petite Bars, your daily dose of chocolate already portioned out for your ultimate satisfaction. The right amount of matcha, maca root and pea protein to give you that perfect dose of energy. Refined sugar-free with the slightest bit of maple and coconut sugar to provide that nutty taste. 

Schisandra Chocolate Petite Bars, the perfectly portioned guilt-free nightcap to your day. With ZERO grams of sugar, these guys help calm and destress the body. 

Lemony Rose Petite Bars, a gorgeous, pink, vegan, white ‘chocolate’ that might just be the most unique, delicious, and velvety bite you’ll ever encounter. 

Elderberry Petite Bars, made with the fruit of the Sambucus tree. Elderberry has been used medicinally for generations, primarily to support & strengthen the immune system. 

Cheesy Cauliflower Popcorn Florets- 1 Multi-Serve Bag 

GuacPOP Cauliflower Florets - 1 Multi-Serve Bag 

Matcha Latte Petite Bars  - 1 Box ( Contains 3 'Petite' Bars)

Schisandra Chocolate Petite Bars- 1 Box ( Contains 3 'Petite' Bars)

Lemony Rose Petite Bars - 1 Box ( Contains 3 'Petite' Bars)

Elderberry Petite Bars - 1 Box ( Contains 3 'Petite' Bars)

"We live in a world of ANDs not ORs... try them all!"

Claire Olshan

Founder & CEO, DADA Daily

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