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Wine Bottle Stopper – DADA x Maison Flâneur
Arrived just in time for Christmas, we have the perfect gift for you! Discover our collaboration with the iconic Maison Flâneur, introducing the signature bottle stopper. A gold-coloured solid-brass hand wraps its elegant fingers around a reusable cork stopper. We...
"Baby Won't You Hold My Butt?" The Pedro Tribute Ashtray
Do you want to fall in love without ever laying eyes on someone? Regardless if your answer is yes or no, immerse yourself into the mind and world of Pedro Friedeberg. He is an artist who dreams, who creates from...
"Baby Won't You Light My Legs?" Match Striker
STRIKE! To us that’s an onomatopoeia for winner!  And this ceramic leg striker will make anyone and everyone feel like a winner.  In our classic terracotta like orange, we crafted this elegant table lighter to sit pretty and poised until it’s time...
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