Keepin it Cozy

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What's more decadent than indulging in DADA daily treats in your finest sweats, spending 1.2 seconds on that scrunchied top-knot, getting intimate with that Paul Rudd movie and kicking it back with the pals you love?!! Yup, that's right, the answer is NOTHING.  Fill up your bowl with the perfect vegan-cheesy 'popcorn' to pair with that bottle of wine and the most deliciously good for you truffles also pair with that wine!

The DADA Dozen Truffle Box

Cheesy Cauliflower Popcorn Florets- 2 Multi-Serve Bags


"For the social butterfly who loves to entertain or a fabulous "thanks for having me" gift!"

Claire Olshan

Founder & CEO, DADA Daily

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