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"Baby Won't You Hold My Butt?" The Pedro Tribute Ashtray
Do you want to fall in love without ever laying eyes on someone? Regardless if your answer is yes or no, immerse yourself into the mind and world of Pedro Friedeberg. He is an artist who dreams, who creates from...
The Loving Hand Bundle
We all have that person In our lives that gives us MAMA energy, someone who is a love machine, a hug factory, a make you feel good and fuzzy and warm inside type of someone. Well today’s the day to...
$95.00 $80.00
The Truly Decadent Cocktail Party
Don't lift a hand, foot, lip, eye, boob! Don't overthink having people over ever again. You invite the good peeps and we'll take care of the rest. In this box you have hors d'oeuvres, cocktail nuts, serving dishes, napkin rings, place...
$375.00 $315.00
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