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"Baby, Won't You Light My Body?" Ceramic Candle


Is there anything that holds as much gravitas as Greek History, a Greek God, and Greek mythology? Not really, I mean it IS kind of the backbone of everything we know whether we like it or not.  But honestly, when we look at Greek culture we feel that the power woman, the feminine mystique, the GRAVITAS of femininity, is lacking. So here we are! We built a Grecian woman, who holds the light (literally and representatively).  She shines bright, is the star of the show, and is strong, elegant and beautiful.  Made in a terracotta ceramic, her candle burns for 110 hours. After she has been fully melted down, she will give you her vessel to hold your flowers, snacks, pens, pencils, toothbrush; you name it, she’s got your back….because women are the freaking BEST! So let's celebrate with this glowing lady. 

Dimensions: 8.75H x 6L x 3.5W

- Terracotta color ceramic body with black Grecian wave motif detailing

- Candle burn time is 110 hours

• Always burn the candle on a level and stable surface.

• A candle holder or other suitable base should always be used, particularly to catch wax drippings as the candle burns.

• Candle flames are incredibly sensitive to movement.

• Be aware and cautious of wax falling from the candle as the candle burns.

• Never leave the candle burning while unattended.

• Keep out of reach of children.

• Keep away from flammable objects.

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