Dada Daily Manifesto

DADA is about breaking the rules. Challenging...WHAT a snack brand should be. WHERE a snack should be eaten.WHY snacks should elevate the ordinary. We are about bringing DECADENCE to the table; transporting you from the DESK to the DINNER PARTY. Decadence that is GUILT-FREEMINDFULLY CRAFTED, and truly GOOD FOR YOU. Inspired by the DADA ART MOVEMENT, we are REBELLING against the status quo. Who says decadence is occasional? We say MAKE DECADENCE A RITUALELEVATE YOUR SNACKING MOMENT. DADA. DAILY DECADENCE.

Referencing History

What is Dada?

The Dada movement aimed to liberate the human imagination and bring a sense of play and humor into a rule stricken art world. The work generated by incredibly imaginative, playful artists at the height of the Dada movement has been a huge inspiration in starting this company.

Behind the Snack Movement

About Claire

Along with an insatiable appetite for all things aesthetic — Claire Olshan has been equally absorbed by her passion for health and wellness. In 2012, Claire founded Fivestory, the go-to shop to find emerging designers with a whimsical approach to dressing up. In a sense, Claire has always supported those that think out of the box and weave a sense of play into their work. With DADA Daily, Claire bridges the gap between the fashion and food worlds: elevating healthy snacking to an artful event.

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