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Why pay a premium for snacks?

As they say, "Health is Wealth" and at DADA, there's no question we place a premium on health, and your health specifically. When you get a DADA snack you're not only getting something that is good for you and made with premium, high-quality ingredients that maintain the integrity of each're getting an all-around experience- one that is indulgent and decadent. When you open a bag of our Cheesy Cauliflower Popcorn you will truly see a bag full a veggies and one we're proud to stand behind.

I got a coupon code! But where do I enter it?

You can enter the code under the “Discount” section, which will populate after you’ve entered your mailing address. This will be just before the “Payment” section!

I have a feeling you’ll say no but do you accept returns or offer refunds?

Being that we sell food, for the safety of not only you but all customers, all sales are final. We hope you understand that this policy has been made with you in mind! 

Every product we put out is one we are proud of and as a young company. We are consistently striving to not only improve our product, but also your customer experience. So if at any time you feel you've received anything less than a stellar experience, please do not hesitate to reach out to

I love free stuff, do you offer samples?

We do not offer samples, but you’re welcome to use the code TRYUS for 10% off your first order!

Can I retail your products in my store?

For wholesale inquiries please reach out at


Love optionality, what are my shipping options?

USPS Priority Mail*, UPS Ground, and UPS Next Day Air. 

*Please note that USPS has been experiencing delays due to the influx of packages being sent during Covid and the holiday season. Even if USPS Priority Mail is selected as the shipping method, once packages leave our facility, delivery time is out of our control. If your order is time sensitive, we suggest you UPS Next Day Air. Thank you for understanding.

How long does it take my order to be processed and shipped?

Your Order Timeline will look something like this:
Day 1 - You place your order. You will receive an order confirmation email.
Day 2 - Your order is processed.
Day 3 - Your order ships. You will receive a shipping notification with tracking information as soon as it leaves our facility. Tracking will be updated by the mail carrier.

Orders take 24-48 hours to be processed after the order is placed. Orders ship the day after they are processed, unless they are being shipped UPS Next Day Air, in which case they will ship the same day they are processed. 

Please note that if an order is placed on a Friday, it will be processed on Monday, and it will ship on Tuesday (however, it will be processed and shipped on Monday if you select UPS Next Day Air). 

As a small business, we appreciate your understanding and patience with our processing time.

OOPS! How do I change the shipping address on an order I already placed?

After a given amount of time, we’re unfortunately unable to make changes to the shipping address. If you very recently placed an order, reach out to with your order number and we’ll do our very best to help!

How are shipping costs calculated?

Shipping rates are calculated by the shipping provider based on package weight and zip code destination. For more information, please see Additional Shipping Information.

Oh no! I made a mistake! I won't be home to receive my package for the next few months, meant to order a different DADA snack, want to order more, forgot I already have a pantry stocked with DADA- can I cancel my order?

After a given amount of time, we’re unfortunately unable to make changes to the order. If you placed it very recently, reach out to with your order number and we’ll do our very best to help!

Can't find your package?

Please see Additional Shipping Information

Can I get my order shipped to a P.O. Box?

Our shipping methods do not arrive to P.O. Boxes. 

Product Ingredients & Allergies

What is nutritional yeast?

Nutritional yeast is a deactivated yeast that tastes cheesy and nutty in flavor, but is entirely vegan!

Can barely pronounce this exotic ingredient but actually, what is Schisandra?

Schisandra is an adaptogen known to combat stress in the body and promote rest.

Are you kosher certified?

We are not kosher certified but in the application process. 

Silly question that I have a feeling I know the answer to but, are your products gluten-free?

While our products are not certified gluten-free, our product by nature is free from gluten and wheat. 

Are your products organic? 

Our products are not certified organic, but we use organic ingredients when possible.

Are your products strictly vegan?

DADA is about breaking the rules, so we definitely aren't strict. All our products are vegan in nature, however, some products may contain honey since it is a natural source of sugar and contains many beneficial antioxidants. 

Subscribe & Save

Can I cancel my subscribe & save order?

Yes! While we do not accept returns or exchanges, you are able to cancel your subscribe & save order at any time once your first order has shipped. Email us at or login to your account to make these changes. 

Can I change the frequency of my subscribe & save order and add/remove items in it?

Yes! As long as you update your subscription preferences 2 days prior to the date of your next order, you'll be good to go. Please know that once your subscribe & save order is processed, edits are not able to be made to your order. Email us at or login to your account to make these changes!

Do I get free shipping with subscribe & save?

If your subscription order is above $100, shipping will be free!

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