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Legs For Days Bundle
This little bundle needs no real introduction, she’s sexy, smart, and effortlessly chic.   Seal the deal and Light up our classic legs with our Ceramic leg striker.  
The Truly Decadent Cocktail Party
Don't lift a hand, foot, lip, eye, boob! Don't overthink having people over ever again. You invite the good peeps and we'll take care of the rest. In this box you have hors d'oeuvres, cocktail nuts, serving dishes, napkin rings, place...
$375.00 $315.00
$114.00 $97.00
Cocktail parties can now be easy-peasy! Start off with a very filling and nutritious hors d'oeuvre that everyone can snack on.. they especially go great with a beverage. Then have a little something sweet to put the cherry on the...
$114.00 $97.00
The Surrealist Entertainer
For the design-loving, artsy-fartsy person in your life....or to impress people and show them your cultured playful side, or anyone who likes a good body part...or pretty much anyone who has body parts....ok! This is the perfect addition to ANYONE AND EVERYONE'S LIFE.
$320.00 $270.00
The Loungey Living Room Dinner Party
"Dinner party” may be the most elegantly stressful term on the planet....but it doesn’t have to be! When in doubt, go super duper deluxe with this hacking set that has it all! Savory, sweet... a little bit of both. This...
$226.00 $195.00
Light Me Up
$140.00 $125.00
Light Me Up
You don't need to have a wicked sense of humor, cinematic, charisma, or gorgeous cheekbones to light up a room....what you DO need are some bad-ass cool candles that will have people talking, smiling, and thinking you're the coolest guy on...
$140.00 $125.00
The Cocoa Crew Sampler
Why have one when you can have them all!  Matcha Latte Petite Bars: The right amount of matcha, maca root, and pea protein to give you that perfect dose of energy. Refined sugar-free with the slightest bit of maple and coconut...
$50.00 $40.00
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