"Let Us Entertain You" Board Curated by Leandra M Cohen


Think classic New York: an ice cold martini at Bemelmen’s, a 1am 1 dolla slice, bagels bagels bagels and, of course, smokey fatty salty fish.
Leandra wanted her curated board to look smell and feel like NYC. But that Yoma Schimmel's, Gus’s pickle, Russ and Daughter 1950’s Lower East Side New York…you with me?

So! Here you have your “everything bagel” but crispier , your smoked salmon moment but caviar-er, your cream cheese decadence but new age-er, your salty sweet (why does Russ and daughters sell apricots ?!) moment but DADA-er. And then for the finale, you have a truffle for each guest of your party (whether it’s actually a person , or maybe one for every mood you’re in) but chicer. You’ll never have to actually go to the dinner table. It’s a complete night’s palette from start to DADA finish.

****There are only a limited number of these boards available for purchase. Unfortunately, we have limited sales to the Tri-State area due to the perishability of some items. If this board is ordered to ship further, we will have to cancel, and refund your order. For any further questions please email info@dadadaily.com****

This month's "Let Us Entertain You" Board, curated by Leandra M Cohen, includes the following products:

- New York All Natural Flatbreads: Everything Flavor (5 oz) 

- Two DADA Daily Honey Glazed Umami Cocktail Nut Mix (2.5 oz each) 

- Petrossian Salmon Caviar (3.5 oz) 

- Forager Project Organic Dairy Free Sour Cream 

- The DADA Dozen Assorted Truffle Box 

- Dada's Hand-Made "Let Us Entertain You" Board 



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