As a company, we're proud to say that we've worked with some organizations whose missions and initiatives are as inspiring to us as art.

Check out some of our collaborations!

DADA x Cult Gaia x Women's Empowerment Center

We collaborated with Cult Gaia on a very special project with one singular motive: spreading LOVE.

Love of Body, Love of Design, Love of Health, and Love of spreading LOVE in the world. 

DADA and Cult Gaia have created a limited edition Vegan Elderberry BOOB truffle box that celebrates and empowers women both inside and out.  

From the Inside, the chocolates are immune boosting, clean, vegan, and truly good for you indulgences.

From the Outside, with the profits from each box we will donate 20% to The Women's Empowerment Center - who works with single mothers seeking to enter or reenter the workforce. They provide job training and placement, full-time child-care, and other social services as needed. While working with a largely immigrant population of women with a limited professional network and means to purchase business wear, they provide appropriate attire for women to put their best foot forward when heading out into the workforce. 

We encourage our customers to GIVE (deliciously-decadent-guilt-free-good-for-you) love this Valentine's Season to anyone and everyone who empowers you. And we encourage them to spread the love even further knowing that each box will help a women find her power to go out into the world confident, joyful and looking great. 

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DADA x Radhika Gupta

Radhika Gupta and DADA Daily are proud to support LifeWay Network, which envisions a world in which human trafficking is abolished and every survivor is strong, connected and free. 100% of the net proceeds of this artwork will go directly towards LifeWay Network’s Safe Housing Program, which supports women survivors of human trafficking as they move from crisis to recovery.

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DADA x Bonberi x City Harvest

For every bag of DADA cauliflower popcorn sold at Bonberimart and on we (with the help of City Harvest) gifted a bag to feed those who do not have the privilege of clean, healthy, and nourishing goods.

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DADA x Carriage House Birth Scholarship Fund


And as you indulge, know that this bite WILL GO TOWARDS HELPING OTHERS TO SUPPORT FAMILIES-TO-BE. With each truffle we are helping families grow safely by donating directly to the CARRIAGE HOUSE BIRTH SCHOLARSHIP FUND, which will provide doula training to qualifying students and to help connect doulas with families in need of services.

Our #TreasureTheTatas campaign started October 8th and for the entire launch week we donated 100% of profits to the scholarship fund. 10% of all proceeds from our Boob Truffles continued (indefinitely) to go to sponsoring doulas for women who desperately need education and advocates in the delivery room.

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DADA x Paravel x Eden Reforestation Projects

Picnics have become our go-to socially distant activity, so we collaborated with Paravel to create a lavish, sustainable picnic package filled with eco-friendly supplies from Hilma, Anchal Project, Megababe, INKA, Stojo, Snowe, W&P, Paravel, and us for a giveaway.

In the spirit of making better choices whenever we can, we planted a tree through Eden Reforestation Projects for EVERY entry.

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DADA x Color Of Change

In light of the BLM movement taking place across the country, DADA stands in solidarity with the Black community. A percentage of proceeds from the sales of our "Light My Fingers" Candle were donated to Color of Change to help support the work that needs to be done to effect change.

"Color of Change is the nation's largest online racial justice organization."

"We help people respond effectively to injustice in the world around us."

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DADA x Mount Sinai

It's Time to Send a Hand, Lend a Hand

A percentage of proceeds from every "Light My Fingers" Candle sold will benefit the Mount Sinai Hospital healthcare workers on the frontline of the COVID19 crisis. That goes for the candle itself and the candle in any of our DADA bundles. It's a decadent gift to show someone you're thinking of them and an opportunity to think of others.

Help us lend a hand!

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