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The Cocoa Crew Sampler

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Why have one when you can have them all! 

Matcha Latte Petite Bars: The right amount of matcha, maca root, and pea protein to give you that perfect dose of energy. Refined sugar-free with the slightest bit of maple and coconut sugar to provide that nutty taste. 

Schisandra Chocolate Petite Bars: The perfectly portioned guilt-free nightcap to your day. With ZERO grams of sugar, these guys help calm and destress the body.

Lemony Rose Petite Bars: You know the feeling when you look at flowers that are so insanely beautiful you just want to eat them? No? Ok, imagine those same flowers made of creamy, lemon meringue pie, with a hint of nuttiness and absolutely NO refined sugar. 

Elderberry Petite Bars: They are not only refined sugar-free, indescribably luscious and rich, they’re ALSO INCREDIBLY GOOD FOR YOU. Elderberry, the fruit of the Sambucus tree, has been used medicinally for generations, primarily to support & strengthen the immune system. So start feeling delicious and eating delicious all at the same time. You deserve it.

1 Matcha Latte Petite Bar

1 Schisandra Dark Chocolate Petite Bar

1 Lemony Rose Petite Bar

1 Elderberry Petite Bar

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