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How to stay healthy during the holidays?

Incorporate DADA snacks in your meals to not only make them crunchier and more delicious, but to keep you full with fiber so you don't go mindlessly cruising the kitchen. Here are some recipes!

GuacPOP Cauliflower Florets

Winter soup game need a pick-me-up? Throw these "croutons" in tomato, butternut squash, or any veggies soup for an extra crunchy crunch!

Cheesy Cauliflower Popcorn Florets

A cucumber, dill, mesclun salad with some crunchy "cheesy" cauliflower? YES YES!

Honey Glazed Umami Cocktail Nuts

An arugula, tomato, fennel salad with some toasty sweet & salty nuts? YUM!
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