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Dana Cowin, Our Latest Board Curator, Answers the DADA 5


Dana Cowin on a 2D scale is VERY impressive , she was editor in chief of food and wine for almost 20 years - she’s championed women in food before anyone else, she has her own podcast, she’s a mom, a wife and everything in between.
But Dana’s third dimension is what really makes her sparkle. She’s one of those people you instantly connect to. She’s like a gorgeous, chic living room straight out of a Jacques Grange Coffee Table book, that has the most decadent furniture, but all you want to do is sit on the floor in sweatpants and drink champagne from a solo cup. She’s brilliant and funny but humble and relatable. She is our next LET US ENTERTAIN YOU CURATOR , and we couldn’t be more excited. 

1. If you could have dinner with 5 people (alive, not alive, fictional) who would they be? A group of fine cooks, thinkers and social commentators.
Zoe Adjonyoh
Jane Austen
Alice B Toklas
Nora Ephron
Princess Pamela (soul food cookbook author)


2. Where would it be? 

The dinner party would be impromptu, at the height of summer set within the stone walls of a country garden, with everyone sitting casually on rickety metal chairs. Flowers would be very close by and in full bloom. The table would be haphazardly set with rough linen napkins, hand-thrown ceramic plates, short tumblers for wine. And lots of candles of all different heights. At each place setting would be a plastic animal that represented one that had gone extinct. 


3. And what would be a Symbol of a very good night? *for example, Claire's are empty wine bottles, stains on outfits, everyone is barefoot, or an impromptu dance party! 

HA! I love Claire's approach! The symbols of a good night are conversations that won't end, not a scrap of food left in any of the twenty serving bowls that were filled to brimming at the beginning of the night, candles melted into the table, a line up of empty bottles that tell the story of the meal.


4. What's your go-to dinner party outfit? 

Black pants, black crew neck top and a wild, colorful jacket. 


5. What's your go-to make-at-home cocktail? 

For summer, a mojito. For winter, a French 75. For fall, a Manhattan. For spring, a gin & tonic.

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