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We’re pretty sure we’d make Willy Wonka proud….or maybe jealous with these. They are not only refined sugar-free, indescribably luscious and rich, they’re ALSO INCREDIBLY GOOD FOR YOU. This is the everyman’s chocolate, the flavor that we have yet to find a non-believer for. Also! or as the infomercial would say. and that’s not all... Elderberry, the fruit of the Sambucus tree, has been used medicinally for generations, primarily to support & strengthen the immune system. So start feeling delicious and eating delicious all at the same time. You deserve it. 

Our Elderberry princess, illustrated by the incredibly talented Lia Burke Libaire, isn’t just a pretty face - she’s an IMMUNE BOOSTING SUPER HEROINE & SHE’s NOW IN OUR NEW Elderberry CHOCOLATE bar.

Vegan, milk Chocolate refined sugar free heaven. 


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