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Introducing... "Baby Won't You Hold My Butt?" Pedro Tribute Ashtray

Psssst DADAists, we got some juicy news! We have created the ultimate object to hold your butt....What?! did they just say that?
Do you want to fall in love without ever laying eyes on someone? Regardless if your answer is yes or no,  immerse yourself into the  mind and world of Pedro Friedeberg.  He is an artist who dreams, who creates from his soul and from his heart and who genuinely makes art to uplift people.  He has extraordinary taste (not all artists have that!) And he seamlessly combines his elegance with wit and charm.  We created this ashtray in tribute to Pedro’s essence and vibe.  Originally called “Let me hold you butt” ashtray, (butt in the smoking term) we wanted to convey that same cheeky flair, alongside a surrealist, chic design that only Pedro could inspire. 
To feel his essence, his vibe, his flair, and his soul we felt it necessary to read a little but of his own writing…get ready to fall in love:
”I was born in Italy during the era of Mussolini, who made all trains run on time. Immediately thereafter, I moved to México where the trains are never on time, but where once they start moving they pass pyramids.”
“I have invented several styles of architecture, as well as one new religion and two salads. I am particularly fond of social problems and cloud formations. My work is profoundly profound.”
“I admire everything that is useless, frivolous and whimsical. I hate functionalism, post modernism and almost everything else. I do not agree with the dictum that houses are supposed to be ‘machines to live in’. For me, the house and it’s objects is supposed to be some crazy place that make you laugh.”
When André Breton came to Mexico he said it was the chosen Country of surrealism. Breton saw all kinds of surrealist things happen here every day. The surrealists are more into dreaming, into the absurd and into the ridiculous uselessness of things. My work is always criticizing the absurdity of things. I am an idealist.”
“I get up at the crack of noon and, after watering my pirañas, I breakfast off things Corinthian. Later in the day I partake in an Ionic lunch followed by a Doric nap. On Tuesdays I sketch a volute or two, and perhaps a pediment, if the mood overtakes me. Wednesday I have set aside for anti-meditation. On Thursdays I usually relax whereas on Friday I write autobiographies” - Pedro Friedeberg
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