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Carla Sersale, Founder of Emporio Sirenuse, Answers the DADA 5

Born in Milan, Carla Sersale met her husband Antonio while living in New York City and shortly after moved with him to his hometown of Positano, where they have been ever since running his family’s iconic Le Sirenuse hotel on the Amalfi Coast. Inspired by their lifestyle in Positano, Carla developed the Emporio Sirenuse collection in Mumbai with her niece Viola Parrocchetti in 2012. In the summer of 2013, she launched the Emporio Sirenuse boutique introducing resort wear and swimwear including a unique range of prints on caftans, silk summer dresses and beach cover-ups.


Carla Sersale's ideal dinner guests illustrated by Danielle Kosann

Carla Sersale Answers the DADA 5

1. If you could have dinner with 5 people (alive, not alive, fictional) who would they be?
Amanda Gorman, John Cleese, John Steinbeck, Mariska Hargitay, Michelle Obama.
2. Where would it be? 
At our restaurant La Sponda, at Le Sirenuse hotel in Positano
3. And what would be a Symbol of a very good night? 
Not noticing that it is very late but you are all still sitting at the table and no one wants to end the conversation.
4. What's your go-to dinner party outfit? 
A Love Story Tracey dress from Emporio Sirenuse.
5. What's your go-to make-at-home cocktail? 
At home I love to make a Basil Negroni, which is a twist on a class Negroni and served at Franco's Bar, our bar adjacent to the hotel.  The ingredients are simple: Vodka, St.Germain, Vermouth and a Basil leaf.
I've also been listening to this very fun and soulful playlist created for us by our dear friend Arman Naféei.
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