DADA x Cult Gaia Limited Edition Elderberry Boob Truffles

During the Valentine's Day season, DADA Daily and Cult Gaia have collaborated on a very special project with one singular motive:

spreading LOVE.

Love of body, Love of Design, Love of Health, and Love of spreading LOVE in the world. 

Both brands pride themselves on bringing art, joy and magic into the lives of all their customers through their products.

To quote Cult Gaia’s manifesto:
"To create a lifestyle, that’s a visual feast, effortlessly.”

DADA and Cult Gaia have created a limited edition Vegan Elderberry BOOB Truffle Box that celebrates and empowers women both inside and out.  

From the Inside, the chocolates are immune boosting, clean, vegan, and truly good for you indulgences.

From the Outside, with the profits from each box we will donate 20% to The Women's Empowerment Center - who works with single mothers seeking to enter or reenter the workforce. They provide job training and placement, full-time child-care, and other social services as needed. While working with a largely immigrant population of women with a limited professional network and means to purchase business wear, they provide appropriate attire for women to put their best foot forward when heading out into the workforce. 

We encourage our customers to GIVE (deliciously-decadent-guilt-free-good-for-you) love this Valentines Season to anyone and everyone who empowers you. And we encourage them to spread the love even further knowing that each box will help a women find her power to go out into the world confident, joyful and looking great. 



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