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DeVonn Francis, Chef, Artist and Founder of Yardy, Answers the DADA 5

DeVonn Francis is the founder of Yardy, a creative studio in New York City. A chef, artist, and first-generation Jamaican-American, he started Yardy as a way to explore his identity through food and events.


DeVonn Francis's ideal dinner guests, illustrated by Danielle Kosann

DeVonn Francis Answers the DADA 5

1. If you could have dinner with 5 people (alive, not alive, fictional) who would they be?

Bayard Rustin, Viola Davis, Grace Jones, Storm from X-men, and Angela Bassett’s character in American Horror Story: Coven. 

2. Where would it be?

Dinner would be at my mom’s house. We’re currently turning the garden into the perfect outdoor entertainment space and I love the idea of bringing people I admire to my hometown versus some high profile place. 

3. And what would be a Symbol of a very good night? 

When people come up to me at the end of the night and say that they’ve made a new friend, work connection or connection to themselves. That and if all the dishes are miraculously clean without me having to clean them!

4. What's your go-to dinner party outfit?

Right now, I really wanna be dressed in whatever Barragán, Theophilio or Y-Project is making.

5. What's your go-to make-at-home cocktail?

I love a classic Negroni but swap the Campari for Cardamaro. It's the perfect after-work cocktail for me. 

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