Self Indulgence
Self Indulgence
Self Indulgence
Self Indulgence
Self Indulgence

Self Indulgence


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Bow-chicka-bow-wow....let’s set the mood people!

Our signature hand candle is the perfect accoutrement to any moment. We intentionally only wicked 4 fingers so when it melts, you get a real giggle out of the remaining middle finger; giving us a real ladylike F-you.

We paired our candle with a box of our adaptogenic vegan truffles, so whether your gifting yourself the perfect ME ME ME night (very important by the way!) or sending to a pal, this gift helps everyone to SELF INDULGE.


**A portion of proceeds from this sale will be donated to Color of Change, helping to end practices that unfairly hold black people back, and champion solutions that move us all forward.


*There may be a slight color variation in each candle due to natural dyes.


Light My Fingers Hand Candle

Spring Truffle Box (contains 12 truffles)


"For the social butterfly who loves to entertain or a fabulous "thanks for having me" gift!"

Claire Olshan

Founder & CEO, DADA Daily

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