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"I Wanna Hold Your" Hand Bowl


As the saying (kinda) goes: We're not just giving you a DADA fish, we're teaching you how to DADA fish. Now, you can elevate that moment, you can create the DADA, you can make decadence a ritual... ALL THE THINGS! without a thought in the world. This DADA serving bowl is the perfect accoutrement for bringing magic, ease, art, and design to any moment; whether it be an at-home date-night, intimate cocktail, or the perfect hostess gift. We are here to entertain you, entertain your senses, and entertain your friends. Best used with BABY WON'T YOU HOLD MY SNACKS SPOON. NOTE, THIS BOWL IS A SALAD SIZE BOWL, NOT AN APPETIZER SIZE BOWL.

Dimensions: 7''W x 5.5''H

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