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"Let Us Entertain You" Board

We used to hate the word “entertain”, it felt stale and old time-y , overused and one dimensional. But then we dove deeper into the word “entertaining”, we realized it’s actually a fabulous word; Full of life , joy and meaning. Our new entertaining board holds both meanings of the word: in it’s physically it will help you entertain: with its perfectly carved slab of the finest maple wood , once can throw their heart’s desire on the board (cheese, nuts, meats, pickles, olives, dried fruits, CHOCOLATES... anything!) And feel like the chic and elegant host you are and always wanted to be. In its soul, the board is here to bring out the entertainer in you - bring it to the dinner party, the cocktail party , the bathtub, the cozy couch - it’s here to captivate, inspire, relax and nourish you. It’s here to bring people together around beauty, love and food. So don’t overthink it, just START ENTERTAINING. 

10.5" Diameter x 0.75" Thick (without feet) and 3.75" H with feet
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