Ultimate Dinner Party Hack Set

Ultimate Dinner Party Hack Set


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"Dinner party” may be the most elegantly stressful term on the planet....but it doesn’t have to be! When in doubt go super duper deluxe with this hacking set that has it all! Savory, sweet... a little bit of both. This set is not only a feast for the eyes but for the tastebuds as well!

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** Due to a high demand for our hand candle, please allow 2 weeks for shipping.

DADA Hand Candle


1 set of DADA Napkin Rings (4 pieces)

1 set of DADA Place Cards (4 pieces) 

Honey Glazed Umami Cocktail Nuts

Assorted Truffle Box 

3oz bag of Crunchy Sweet Potato Aioli Curls

2.5oz bag of Cheesy Cauliflower Popcorn Florets

3oz bag of Crispy Almond Butter Brussels Sprouts


"For the person you want to WOW in every way, shape and form."

Claire Olshan

Founder & CEO, DADA Daily



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